The souqs get saucier…

Akhmed’s joviality soon disappeared once he realised that our arrival in Chefchaouen was going to be the end of the line for our trips with him. The upside of this for us was the elimination of his desire to continue showing us photos in his phone while driving at the same time. 

Our arrival into Chefchaouen was very smooth with the instructions from the accomodation being very clear to what we all thought was a gingerbread house… a gorgeous restored house. 

Our room wasn’t ready straight away so we ventured off to explore. The town is a photographer’s paradise with its lovely hues of blue and colourful pots of plants. One of our first stops was lunch in a beautiful old house. Leigh was the adventurous of us, giving the goat tagine a go. 

We then went back onto the narrow streets to navigate between the small trucks and motorbikes with trailers trying to make their way up and down the Medina. 

Before hitting the sack we climbed our way up to mosque on the other side of the town to see the sun set over Chefchaouen. It was rather spectacular to see all of the city’s lights start to come on. 

We woke as usual for our morning boot camp but this time we got some insight into the challenges being faced by Leigh – seemed her idea of clockwise was a little different to ours. 

It was a little drizzly so we thought perfect weather for a Hammam experience. We got the low down from the accomodation hosts on where to go and what would be needed for an authentic (non-touristic) experience. We ventured off to check it out collecting some dried figs and nuts from the street carts along the way. 

We were approached by a rather insistent toothless man who thought we’d be even happier if we joined him for a hashish party that night. Tan was starting to get a little jaded that she hadn’t yet been approached directly with such attractive offers…obviously suffering from the time away from Andrew!

Unfortunately the host’s suggested Hammam was just a little too authentic for everyone so we settled for a more western version. It was pretty hilarious when our Hammam scrubber came into our Hammam wearing just her nickers and a big smile. She then proceeded to scrub off Tan’s fake tan leaving a lovely coating of skin on the floor for the rest of us who followed to lie in …and we too then added to the layers. 

An hour of scrubbing and rubbing and we emerged a little lighter …Hammam one done!

After having a young woman in a shop try and charge us 7 times the going price of some yoghurt and a pastry we thought we were safer within the Chefchaouen walls so finished the afternoon with some more  shopping. I’d only managed to buy pj bottoms to replace mine which had split during our morning workout – Karen and Tan on the other hand were well and truly into the shopping spirit.  


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