The end or start of a journey?

Touch down on Australian soil; an indescribable feeling coming over me.
In the last 21 weeks I’ve visited 12 countries, seen amazing natural and and made wonders, met beautiful people, made wonderful new friends, ate fantastic food, marvelled at beautiful art, seen terrible hardship (reminding me again of my privileged life) and challenged myself physically and emotionally – and did I mention the food – what more could you want from a holiday?
I return still amazed by the Catholicising of South America – the Spanish had certainly met the Pope’s decree during their conquest. It had been sustained more so than in Europe and indeed Spain itself; I suspect through the toleration of the synchronisation with native religions and practice.
I had consistently carried around 18kg in my pack (with the help of a few posts home). I hadn’t come anywhere near my airline limit of two bags at 26kg each – thanks again to Pachamama!  On the point of packing I have to acknowledge my most precious travel items – Egyptian cotton sarong (accessory, eye mask, rope, towel, sun cover, neck warmer and bed sheet), my iPad mini (many an hour on transport entertained with guidebooks, novels, audiobooks, movies, music and photos), my Adidas string bag (light, inconspicuous, small to pack and secure), my cutlery set (amazing how cheaply you can eat when you have a serrated knife and spoon whether on a bus, beach, mountain top or public square) and my travel pillow (back support, supplement to flat pillows, ear muff and sleep buddy).
I was extremely grateful to those who had followed my blog, sent messages or posted likes and comments on Facebook. Only those who have travelled solo probably appreciate how much you crave those messages and how they sustain you when you’re so far from those you love. So for those of you who kept in touch having never travelled solo, I salute you!  For those of you who have travelled solo and kept in touch, you are true travellers!
There’s only one postcard I didn’t get to send but it was okay because I knew the moment I stepped onto Easter Island that he was travelling with me.
Now I’m looking forward to a hug…..from anyone!
Finally, I promised to post an advertisement for my loyal friend Mac. Mac’s looking for an adventurous travel companion; he’s open to going anywhere you want to go. He’s from New Zealand, packs a mighty 70litres, very strong, tolerable of rough treatment and looks great in green. He never complains about anything, always on the ready for the next adventure. He’s available for travel between now and June 2016. Only those willing to share travel stories need apply!

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3 Responses to The end or start of a journey?

  1. Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey with us, we loved it.

  2. Karyn Lees says:

    What a true adventure!

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