Hola South America

I was feeling rather drowsy as, after 26 hours of travel, our plane made its descent into Santiago but the fabulous sight of the Andes surrounding us soon woke me up and so….the eagle has landed.
You know that exhilarating feeling of having navigated your way through the first airport of your trip and arriving at the accommodation you’ve booked?  Well that’s the feeling I’m experiencing right now as I enjoy a vino tinto and a patata salad at a local bar where no one speaks English. I can do this – okay beyond a wine and salad I may struggle.
My quaint accommodation at Marilu’s Bed and Breakfast serves me well.  There are bars on the windows, the locks all work and Marilu has been a saint in helping me check in for my flight to Easter Island tomorrow.
The South America adventure has begun…..

About Teesh

Out and about, living life to its fullest.
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2 Responses to Hola South America

  1. Simon Blackwood says:

    Wonderful to be in Santiago, will follow with interest, I would love to go, they say the South Americans Catholics are very happy today, the new pope is from Argentine, just the other side of the Andes from you! Simonx

  2. Maria says:

    Hi teesh still navigating my way around. Saw posting after your long flight. Btw, I remember that feeling of relief once you get get to your hotel after a long trip in a foreign country, even though the last time was about 19 years ago. Keep blogging. Maria x

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